Every ring you own makes a statement about you and can give insight into your personality, beliefs, and way of life. Promise rings, wedding bands, and engagement rings all carry significant symbolism. Even the way you wear them conveys information to others.


Which is the Ring Finger?

The finger you pick to wear your wedding ring on is known as the ring finger, to put it simply. Wedding rings are frequently wore as a symbol of a couple's devotion to one another and the bond of their marriage.

You can be unsure of what the ring finger is or even which hand the ring finger belongs to if you don't recognise your ring finger from your index finger or your wedding ring finger from your engagement ring finger. Read our ring size guide right away to prevent breaking tradition (unless you want to!) or committing a faux pas if you're merely all fingers and thumbs and going to buy a ring for someone special.

Even though there are no rules about where to put your wedding band on your left hand, most people know that the ring finger is the fourth finger in from the thumb. In the UK, it is very likely that both couples will exchange rings on this finger if you attend a wedding ceremony.

What does a ring on different fingers mean?

The wearing of rings on various fingers has taken on varied connotations over time. For instance:

A wedding band and a signet ring on the left pinkie, both of which have since fallen out of style, used to be another sign of a man's marital status.

In order to kiss the ring on the left index finger, subjects would kneel and bow to the monarch. Today, you may layer jewellery there as well.

Either middle finger: While there is no specific significance here, the fact that it is the longest digit makes it stand out when a ring is worn.

Wearing rings on the left and right thumbs has historically represented wealth, but these days it also serves as a statement of unconventionality.


Which hand is a Trilogy ring worn on?

A trilogy ring, which doubles as an engagement ring, can be worn on the left hand's fourth finger, often known as the ring finger, to represent the loyalty and love you have with your spouse. There are a few different ways to wear or match your trilogy ring, though:

  1. Wear it on your right hand: In addition to being worn on the left hand, you can also wear it on your right hand's third finger, as is customary in the majority of cultures in nations like Russia, Greece, and Columbia. Though it is not required by culture, you are free to wear it on your right hand.
  2. Wear it on top of your wedding band: Just like an engagement ring, you might want to think about how you'll wear your trilogy ring after the wedding ceremony when choosing which hand to wear it on. Most likely, you'll layer your wedding band with your trilogy ring.
  3. Alternative Rings: You have the option of wearing your wedding ring every day and saving your trilogy engagement ring for special occasions, or you can choose to wear your trilogy engagement rings constantly and save your wedding band for those times. Your decision is yours.

Which is the Wedding Ring Finger?

What finger do I put my wedding band on then? In Western societies, after the ceremony, the couple exchanges wedding rings. Given that the left hand is closest to the heart, this hand is where the wedding ring is customarily worn. The fourth finger, also referred to as the ring finger, is typically where a wedding band is worn.

The fourth finger on the left hand is the digit that comes after the thumb and before the third finger, which can be a little perplexing if you're used to counting from left to right. It is the finger between your little finger (sometimes known as your "pinkie") and your middle finger. This custom is thought to have originated in Ancient Egypt.

Which is the Engagement Ring Finger?

What finger do I put my engagement ring on then? The long-standing custom of wearing an engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand is still practised by numerous cultures and individuals throughout the world. Once they are wed, the wedding band is placed first, followed by the engagement ring. This practise most likely signifies that, in terms of ritual and commitment, marriage prevails above engagement.

However, a majority of people opt to have their engagement ring on their right hand. It's true that in some nations, it's common practise to wear both wedding and engagement rings on the right hand. Maybe Switzerland's romantics are on to something. In Switzerland, the wedding band is traditionally worn on the left and the engagement ring on the right ring finger. With something lovely and significant on both hands, perhaps that makes sense from a statement standpoint.

The age-old custom of solely women wearing engagement rings is based on relatively antiquated ideas that are nevertheless practised today since "that's how we've always done it." The engagement ring used to be a guarantee or promise of marriage in earlier times. The bride who was no longer going to be married had something valuable to make up for her disappointment should he change his mind. A cynic would also add that guys enjoyed delaying declaring their status as "taken" until right before the wedding.


To some, this may seem like a ridiculous question, but it's crucial to understand what the ring finger is and which hand it is on. The last thing you want to do is struggle to remember which finger to place the ring on for your soon-to-be spouse as you stand at the alter.

The fact that not all cultures utilise the same finger as the symbolic "ring finger" for engagement and wedding rings and think that different fingers have distinct significance adds to the confusion.

In the end, there are no restrictions on which finger you wear your wedding band; the police won't be called if you choose to wear it on a different finger. Which finger you wear your wedding band on is largely determined by regional customs and culture.

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