How to choose and buy silver jewellery

How to choose and buy silver jewellery

Although silver jewellery is beautiful, it can be challenging to locate the best items. It might be challenging to determine whether you are buying genuine goods because there are so many local and internet silver jewellery sellers.

Thankfully, it is absolutely feasible to ensure that the silver jewellery you select is of the highest quality, made by true master craftsmen, and intended to last a lifetime.


Our top recommendations for making sure you are purchasing genuine silver include the following:


  1. Examine the Best Silver Jewelry's Cost

Because sterling silver is a precious metal with high value, the cost of the item will reflect this. A straightforward price comparison is one approach to ensure you're buying the best silver jewellery available.

Start by looking at sterling silver's current market price. This will, at the absolute least, provide you with a starting point for determining the costs of the jewellery you wish to purchase.

If none of these is very helpful, check at the asking price for the item or items you have in mind. Shockingly low costs could be a sign that the silver is not genuine or possibly a fake.

Additionally, be cautious of steep discounts or flash sales that offer large quantities of sterling silver jewellery.

Ask the local shop you are buying from what pricing strategies they employ when selling their goods. Always make purchases with the possibility of a full refund or return, and don't hesitate to enquire about refund or exchange policies.



  1. Speak with the vendor

Depending on where you buy your silver jewellery, you should absolutely speak with a seller or representative.

You can ask specific questions regarding prices, hallmarks, and silver sources when speaking to a live person on the phone or in-person. If you are prepared, you will be able to get the information you require.

Additionally, it's a positive sign if the store you found has a physical presence in the United States. Physical places increase the likelihood of finding the best silver jewellery and decrease the risk of fraud.


  1. Check for Hallmarks or Silver-Grade Specifications

Genuine silver jewellery will have certain markings that identify it as such.

These hallmarks will be extremely small and discreetly placed on your jewellery. To look for them, you'll probably need a magnifying lens and bright lighting.

This is a terrific way to physically inspect the goods and determine whether you have genuine silver on your hands if you have already purchased your silver. The hallmark for sterling silver is STERLING or.925.

Both of these indications will suggest sterling silver jewellery of high grade.

However, if you encounter EPNS, you might be in possession of a poor quality item of jewellery. "Electro plated nickel silver" is the abbreviation for EPNS. This is a nickel replacement that has been manufactured to resemble silver rather than actual silver.

You should be aware that pure silver is exceedingly malleable, or soft and simple to bend. Jewelry made of high-quality silver must also contain an alloy for increased durability. The greatest silver jewellery will consist primarily of silver with a small amount of something more durable, like copper, incorporated.






  1. Conduct physical examinations to confirm authenticity

A few quick physical examinations are one of the finest ways to make sure you have the best silver jewellery available.

So don't worry, your silver won't be harmed by these tests.

The initial test is easy. Just find a magnet and check to see if the silver object is magnetic. Anything that latches onto the magnet is likely made of nickel or another metal as silver is not a magnetic metal.

However, make sure to locate a powerful magnet to test this. To test the magnetism of your jewellery, ordinary household magnets might not be strong enough.

You can use a clean, white cloth to massage your silver piece in addition to the magnet test. You can be sure that your purchase was wise if black marks start to form. Real silver oxidises and develops these black markings when exposed to air.


  1. Obtain an evaluation

You can always have your jewellery appraised if you're not sure about it. Bring a piece of jewellery to an appraiser for a professional opinion.

This is a terrific advice to follow if you're serious about the piece of jewellery you've bought and want to make sure it's the greatest quality possible because you might have to pay for an evaluation.


  1. Use Caution When Making Online Purchases

There are numerous online markets where precious metals can be bought. Make sure you use care if you do select an online store is ideal for you.

The best online retailers offering genuine silver jewellery will have at least one physical location that is acknowledged on their website.

They will offer clear details on jewellery quality beneath each product listing, a strong return or exchange policy, and customer service representatives to help you with your purchase.


How to Choose the Best Silver Jewelry

Finding the best silver jewellery is definitely achievable, whether you are looking online or visiting shops while on your next vacation. When purchasing silver jewellery, be sure to check the pieces carefully for hallmarks indicating quality silver and avoid deceptively low costs.

Perform a few easy physical tests on a piece of jewellery you recently bought to determine its legitimacy. You might also speak with an appraiser. In general, exercise caution when buying jewellery online.

Roma Designer Jewelry focuses exclusively on the best and most genuine silver jewellery. With our wide selection of silver jewellery, you can shop with confidence and receive free shipping on every transaction.

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